Spring getaway in Pembrokeshire

Escape to the captivating beauty of Pembrokeshire this Spring for an unforgettable getaway along the mesmerising Welsh coast. Our charming seaside village of Broad Haven, nestled in the heart of Pembrokeshire, West Wales, offers the perfect base for your coastal retreat.

At Atlantic View, our self-catering accommodations sit right on the picturesque coastline, promising idyllic beach holidays and serene coastal escapes.

One of the most cherished activities here is embarking on the legendary Pembrokeshire Coast Path. Spanning 186 miles, this trail unveils awe-inspiring vistas of the rugged coastline, adorned with quaint villages and historic landmarks along the way.

Indulge your taste buds in the delectable local cuisine, renowned for its mouthwatering freshness. With an array of eateries to choose from in Broad Haven and Little Haven, including The Ocean Cafe, Bar & Restaurant, Sand & Stone Kitchen, Sunshine Italian, The Galleon Inn, and charming fish & chips outlets, culinary delights await at every corner. Little Haven boasts equally enticing options like The Castle, Lobster & Mor, The Swan Inn, and The St Brides Inn, ensuring a gastronomic adventure.

Pembrokeshire is celebrated for its abundance of fresh seafood, from succulent crab and lobster to flavourful mackerel. Delve into local delicacies like Bara Brith, a traditional fruit loaf, and Welsh cakes, adding a taste of authenticity to your culinary journey.

Our self-catering accommodation features three newly renovated cottages and a prestigious penthouse, each offering upscale amenities for a comfortable stay. With fully equipped kitchens, spacious dining areas, en-suite bathrooms, and expansive glass-fronted living spaces, along with outdoor patio areas, relaxation and luxury are seamlessly intertwined.

Embrace the opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural splendor and rich heritage of Pembrokeshire this spring. Whether you’re drawn to invigorating hikes, leisurely beachcombing, or exploring ancient wonders, our coastal haven promises an enriching experience for every traveller.