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It’s been a while since we’ve been able to open our doors to guests on a Pembrokeshire holiday here at Atlantic View, and while the pandemic has brought uncertainty and chaos to our lives, one thing is certain: the way in which we live, especially the way in which we spend our free time, will have changed key aspects of our travel experiences for years to come. 

That’s not to say that we won’t travel – recent statistics reported in the media show that up to 90% of UK summer holiday options have already sold out for 2021.  There’s certainly a big appetite for staycations in the UK, and we know that many of our returning guests are itching to resume their yearly Pembrokeshire holiday….and we’re itching to greet you, too!  

In an uncertain time for holidaymakers and the tourism industry, we’d like to help you prepare for whatever’s to come with a few tips on getting ready for a different but welcoming, relaxing Pembrokeshire holiday on our stunning coastline.

We’ll meet again….but we don’t know when

There’s still no clarity from Westminster or the Welsh Government as to when we’ll be able to greet guests back for their Pembrokeshire holiday, but we’re hoping that the Welsh Minister’s announcement on Friday 12th March will bring some good news.  We’re very keen to ensure that the lifting of restrictions is well thought out and with the best interest of our guests and our community here in Broad Haven and beyond, so we’ll be monitoring the situation and will be letting you know via our social media page when we’re likely to be taking bookings again.

Think about how far you’ll have to travel

England’s current rules for de-escalation of limitations suggest that initially, we may be back to the regulations of last year: that we’ll only be able to travel a certain distance from our homes.  If this is the case, then being on the most Westerly tip of Wales means that we may only be able to offer a Pembrokeshire holiday to Welsh tourists in the first instance.  Please note that we’re eagerly awaiting a time where we can welcome everyone, so any restrictions to our bookings will be in line with government guidance.  Every country has different rules set out by Westminster and the devolved governments, so check the regulations in Wales before you book!

Consider the way in which you travel to your Pembrokeshire holiday

At the moment, there are still limited domestic flights, although being on the coast, you’re unlikely to find many flights to our nearest tiny airport at Haverfordwest!  While staycations are easier than navigating the international restrictions on flights and quarantine measures, it’s important to note that certain modes of travel within the UK will also be more difficult when restrictions ease.  For example, train and bus travel has been severely disrupted and it’s likely that there will be limitations on crowds for quite some time to come.  The best way to get to us in our rural location and during coronavirus is by road.  It will give you freedom and flexibility to move around this agrarian coastal area, but it also means that if you travel by car, you have a certain amount of control over who you come into contact with.  Just remember to stock up on petrol, water, snacks and plan some toilet breaks – we’re 5-6 hours from London!

Your Pembrokeshire holiday will look at little different

Dependent on when you visit us, it’s likely that this year, not all businesses, amenities and activities you’ve used to engage with will be open as usual.  The pandemic has had a huge effect on rural communities which rely on tourism, and therefore, as well as a slow easing of restrictions on pubs, restaurants and cafes that could still be closed or need to be booked in advance, some businesses may just not re-open.  That being said, you can still receive online supermarket deliveries to your cottages at Atlantic View, although we do advise that you book your slot after making your cottage booking, and there are many food delivery services available in the area as we’re fairly close to the market town of Haverfordwest.

Activities may well be limited, but as those of you who have visited here before will know, a Pembrokeshire holiday isn’t about having to fill your time with arranged activities.  This is a diverse and enthralling coastline teeming with wildlife, walks and opportunities to immerse yourselves in the fresh sea air and the freedom of nature.  With 186 miles of coast path to explore, as well as secret coves, cobbled fishing villages and wide-open stretches of sand ripe for swimming, surfing and having a good old dog walk, we’re pretty sure you’ll find everything you’ve been craving during lockdown is absolutely open and free.

We’ve got your back when it comes to booking

We know that you might be nervous about booking your Pembrokeshire holiday in an uncertain time as regulations change quickly and you may not be able to make the dates you’ve booked.  If you’re unable to travel because of a national lockdown or because you’re put into a tier where you’re unable to travel, we offer a COVID Refund Guarantee.  This gives you peace of mind that if you’re unable to travel to your Pembrokeshire holiday due to restrictions, we’re not going to hold you to your booking and, when it’s applicable, we’ll try to reschedule your holiday if we have remaining bookable weeks available.  Please see our full terms and conditions here for details of our COVID Refund Guarantee and what it covers.

Whatever the future holds for holidaymakers and cottage owners like us, we know one thing for sure – we can’t wait to welcome you all back to our luxury cottages at Atlantic View for your long-awaited coastal Pembrokeshire holiday!

cottages for large groups

Anyone starting a new venture will tell you that no matter how many years’ experience you have in business, it’s always a scary step into the unknown.  This was the case for Dilwyn and Vel Williams, who have owned the site above beautiful Broad Haven beach since purchasing it a few years ago.  With experience in the building industry, the couple, who had fallen in love with the property after taking aerial photographs from a helicopter in 2008, weren’t in the least bit daunted by the work that needed doing to the rundown bed and breakfast that had withstood the sea winds for years.  

The work began in 2014 to transform the previous holiday accommodation into the luxury cottages on offer today.  It was tough work – the existing building was in bad repair and so was demolished in order for the new owners to create their vision of a luxury holiday complex high up on the clifftop.  In came the diggers as the new incarnation of this popular spot began to form.  

Many years of toil, sweat, deliberations, and decorative flourishes later, the property was ready to welcome its first guests last year, with Atlantic View’s calendar opening for bookings in November 2019.

And what a welcome new and returning guests received!  Dilwyn and Vel managed to transform the old B&B into four stunning holiday cottages, with an option to combine two cottages for larger groups.  The owners have been careful to make the most of their incredible clifftop location, with views across the beach below.  Each property has its own viewing space to take in the Pembrokeshire coast and it’s incredible sunsets, whether that’s a cleverly placed floor-to-ceiling window or, as in the case of Kittiwake and the Penthouse, its own balcony space.  

The attention to detail in these properties is incredible, largely due to the fact that Dilwyn has experience in construction having run his own plant hire company for many years.  This level of experience in organisation means that the couple has thought of everything; from cosy Melin Tregwynt blankets to luxurious Myddfai toiletries, from extra beach towels to locally sourced breakfast items.  The guests are astonished by the standard of cleanliness, many guests commenting on the fact that the cottages are immaculate.

Atlantic View Elevated

It’s no surprise, then, that Atlantic View is this year’s winner of the UK Enterprise Awards, scooping the much sought-after prize for the best self-catered holiday cottages in Pembrokeshire.  It seems the owner’s hard work has really paid off, and they’re absolutely delighted to have won this accolade during their first year.  Dilwyn says:

“This has been a turbulent year for the tourism industry nationwide, and it was a little worrying for us as it was our first year in business.  However, we’re thrilled to have won this award despite the obvious adversities, and we’ve worked hard to do the best for our customers to ensure they have the break they deserve.  Vel and I are looking forward to sharing our luxury holiday cottages and our stunning coastal location with many more guests in the future.”

For more information about the UK Enterprise Awards, please visit their website here.

Pembrokeshire in September

Pembrokeshire Coast Path Walks from Broad Haven

pembrokeshire coast path

Pembrokeshire is one of the most breath-taking counties in the UK and is the only coastal national park on the British Isles. A trip to Atlantic View means that you’re staying directly in the middle of one of the Pembrokeshire coast’s most iconic bays, St Bride’s Bay.
A trip to Pembrokeshire would not be complete without a walk along the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, and from Atlantic View, a walk North or a walk South provides stunning sea views, plenty of beaches and coves as well as the possibility of a glimpse of some rare Welsh wildlife.  Get your walking boots on, grab a bottle of water and get ready for one of the most gorgeous walks you’ll ever take!

Head north on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path

pembrokeshire coast path

Destination: Broad Haven to Newgale
Duration: 10 miles

A fantastic stretch of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path for a brisk walk is north towards Newgale beach.  This beautiful walk takes in several secret beaches not visible from the road and passes the beach waterfall at Druidstone, as well as old coal mine chimneys and rock formations such as the impressive Rickets Head near Nolton Haven.  Alternatively, if you’re too tired to walk back to Atlantic View after a ramble up the coastline, then check out the bus times for the Puffin Shuttle.  The bus number is 400 and it travels along the coast road from St Davids all the way down to Martin’s Haven.  You can catch it from outside the Spar shop in Broad Haven.

pembrokeshire coast path

Not tired at all and fancy more of a Pembrokeshire Coast Path challenge?  A steep hill heads out of Newgale and towards the gorgeous fishing village of Solva, where crab sandwiches and cream teas await!  Some parts of this walk are a little steeper than what lays behind you, and perhaps you’ll spot the odd shipwreck in the water, indicating how treacherous this part of the Pembrokeshire coast path can be.  But if wild walks are your thing, this is definitely a rewarding extra few miles, and you can catch the same 400 bus home and justify your G&T back at your cottage!

Head south on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path

pembrokeshire coast path

Destination: Broad Haven to Martin’s Haven
Duration: 11 miles

Walk the mile along the road to the sleepy hamlet of Little Haven (possibly stopping in the historic Swan Inn for some dutch courage before you leave) and head out along the steep Strawberry Hill and out on to the Pembrokeshire Coast Path from here.  Despite the initial steep hill, the next 4 miles or so open out into flat cliffs, laden with gorse and heather, affording clear views of St Bride’s Haven ahead.  These cliffs are home to several indigenous sea birds, including the famous Manx Shearwater, so keep an eye out!  The lovely red sandstone of Musselwick Sands glistens with yellow agate before changing to undulating cliffs and dunes as you arrive in Martin’s Haven.  We know you’ll agree it was worth the walk when you look North and take in the spectacular views towards St Davids Head and Ramsey Island.  Take the bus home, or if you need to walk off a week of dinners at Sunshine Italian or St Bride’s Inn, then why not walk back again?

pembrokeshire coast path

All that’s left for you to do then is to relax in comfort and watch the glorious coastal sunsets from Atlantic View, your home from home.

For more information about activities and events occurring in Broad Haven or along the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, please follow us on Facebook, or keep checking back to our regularly updated blog.

family attractions rollercoaster

Five family attractions in Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire’s well-known as a fantastic holiday destination for families; whether it’s a seaside break, hiking holiday or a tour of the region’s family attractions, there’s plenty to keep everyone entertained along this stunning and renowned coastal national park.  When booking your holiday at Atlantic View, it’s always best to have an idea of day trips and book in advance to make sure you don’t miss the fun.  We’ve put together a list of top 5 family attractions for you and the kids once you’ve exhausted the beaches…if that’s possible!

1.Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo 

family attractions giraffe

35 minutes from Atlantic View, telephone 01834812731 to book tickets.


This is so much more than just a farm; this adventure park is home to all kinds of exotic animals, such as penguins, lions and Wales’ only giraffes!  The farmyard animals are really friendly, too – why not try your hand at milking a goat, or feeding a rabbit? There are games, fair rides and an adventure park – will you be brave enough to get on the Big Wheel?  Keep an eye out for some friendly characters walking around the park, as well as the resident magician Jugglestruck.  This is a lovely day out for all members of your tribe, from the very little to the big kids!  This is one of Pembrokeshire’s most highly rated family attractions.

2.Oakwood Theme Park 

family attractions rollercoaster

29 minutes’ drive from Atlantic View, call 01834815170 to book tickets

Oakwood Theme park is not only one of Pembrokeshire’s most well-known family attractions, it happens to be the biggest theme park in Wales!  Its main rides include Megafobia, Wales’ longest wooden rollercoaster, as well as water coaster Drenched and the aptly named Bounce, boinging high in the air above the 80-acre park.  There’s plenty of other adventures to be had here, too – from a Neverland for little ones to explore to waterslides, a boating lake and even a haunted house!  There are lots of food options on-site, meaning you can really make a thrilling day of it. We advise that you bring a change of clothes for everyone, as many of the rides involve getting pretty wet!

3.Blue Lagoon Waterpark 

family attractions blue lagoon

26 minutes’ drive from Atlantic View, call 01834862400 to book tickets to the waterpark

If your little ones aren’t too keen on seawater, then this is a fantastic option and a lovely afternoon out.  This had to go on our list of family attractions as it’s so popular – it’s a good idea to book ahead of your holiday during the summer months.  The water slides, wave machines, jets, outdoor heated bubble pool and qualified lifeguards mean that the kids can have a splashing time indoors while you relax in the warm water outside, bathing in nature.  Bliss!

4. Hangar 5 

family attractions hangar 5

18 minutes’ drive from Atlantic View, call 01437700555 to book tickets

Hangar 5 is the first trampoline park and soft play venues in the UK, making it one of Pembrokeshire’s truly unique family attractions.  It’s loads of fun, too! Set in an old aircraft hangar on the outskirts of the market town of Haverfordwest, big kids and their younger siblings can have hours of fun bouncing, learning new skills and playing in an extensive soft play area.  This all-weather attraction also has a café…but you might want to eat after bouncing to avoid green gills!

5. Dr Beynon’s Bug Farm 

family attractions bug farm

33 minutes’ drive from Atlantic View, call 07966956357 for enquiries

Dr Beynon’s Bug Farm is pretty much what you’d expect – it’s a farm for bugs!  This extraordinary place teaches you about some remarkable creatures, whether in the extensive exhibition space or up close, where you can hold some beautiful bugs!  There are many exhibits and activities to be had on this Pembrokeshire Farm, including a beautiful Pollinator trail for sunny days.  There’s even a café, called the Grub Kitchen…and they serve bugs!! Try a cricket cookie?  This is one of the most unique, quirky and unforgettable family attractions in Wales – this is worth a visit!

And there you have it, our top 5 family attractions in Pembrokeshire.  Of course, there are a wide variety of free activities that you can do along this beautiful coast; our favourites are:

  • Build sandcastles
  • Go boogyboarding
  • Go rockpooling
  • Have a picnic on the beach
  • Find the best place to watch a sea sunset
  • Go seal spotting in autumn (but don’t get too close!)

Every season is different, and we intend on letting you know what there is to do whenever you choose to stay at Atlantic View.  Whether there’s 4 of you in one of our family cottages, or you’re coming as a group booking, we’ll find plenty to keep you entertained.  All you have to do is keep an eye on our blog for upcoming activities and events.  Don’t forget to follow us on social media and post your holiday pictures on our Facebook page!

Atlantic View Elevated

Atlantic View – a Premier Cottages Member! After several years of planning, building, decorating and landscaping, we are delighted that Atlantic View is almost ready for business!  We believed that our stunning coastal location and luxury self-catering accommodation with amazing sea views, was just the perfect combination for Premier Cottages membership and therefore we set […]