Green Bridge of Wales

Pembrokeshire is well known for its rugged coastline, dotted with dramatic rock formations and dizzy cliff edges, lined with the famous Pembrokeshire coast path. No spot along one of Britain’s most staggering coastlines is as dramatic as the Green Bridge of Wales. Located in South Pembrokeshire, this stunning rock arch is comparable with similar stunning sites such as Durdle Door in Dorset. But the Green Bridge of Wales is as dramatic to get to as it is to view – find out why below!

What is the Green Bridge of Wales?

This 80-foot high expanse of limestone stretches a span of 66 feet into The Wash, a bay full of limestone stacks and craggy cliffs covered in sea birds. This spectacular viewpoint, with its almost architectural rock formations, is covered in vegetation, giving it the name the ‘Green’ bridge.

The Green Bridge is a Site of Special Scientific Interest, a Special Protected Area, and a Special Area of Conservation. The area is abundant with Mesozoic fossils and rich in geological heritage. This place is so much more than a beautiful vantage point!

It’s situated on the South coast of Pembrokeshire, at Castlemartin, only around 8 miles from popular Barafundle beach and around a 40-minute scenic drive south from Atlantic View. It’s home to razorbills, guillemots, kittiwakes, fulmars, and cormorants, as well as tufts of golden gorse, lilac heathers, and light green tree mallow.

How was the Green Bridge of Wales formed?

The carboniferous rock which makes up most of the Pembrokeshire coastline has been shaped and molded by the tumultuous waves for millennia. This is what creates the fantastic formations, curved bays, sand banks, and natural harbours that make this part of the world so naturally beautiful.

The limestone which makes up this beautiful arch was once a whole piece of land that has been slowly eroded and molded into this stunning piece of natural architecture. The crashing sea has had plenty of time to create this popular view – the Carboniferous period dates back over 350 million years ago. To give you some context on just how long ago that was, that’s around the time of the dinosaurs!

Visiting the Green Bridge of Wales

This unique natural monument has a unique position on the Pembrokeshire coast…it’s on a live military tank firing range! But don’t worry, you won’t need to duck or wear bullet-proof vests. The Military of Defense closes off the road through their range to the coast when they’re training and opens it back up again in the few hours after they finish.

To check whether the range is open, call Castlemartin Range on 01646 662367.

Of course, the arch and surrounding Elegug stacks may not look like this in the near future – the erosion of the limestone is ongoing, and there are fears that the arch will give way in the next few years and succumb to the sea. In fact, during Storm Ophelia, a large chunk of the Green Bridge came crashing down! So if this beautiful spot sounds appealing, now’s the time to visit!

How to visit this wonderful spot

The postcode for the Green Bridge of Wales is SA71 5EB.

The Green Bridge of Wales is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and is a free activity for the whole family. Park up in the large car park and follow the sign on your right pointing you in the direction of the bridge. The path takes you on an easy  6- minute stroll over a nice, flat path towards the cliffs to the bridge. There’s also a lovely viewpoint with a platform to get the best view and the perfect picture of this wonderful spot.

If you’re interested in making this a day trip to visit St Govans Chapel and other nearby attractions, take a look at our blog exploring the jewels in the crown of South Pembrokeshire. Enjoy!

holidays in Pembrokeshire

Half term fun during your

holidays in Pembrokeshire

Half term is the perfect time to enjoy holidays in Pembrokeshire.  It’s not as crowded as the summer months, and autumn and spring are lovely times to see this stunning coastal county in all its natural glory.  October sees the end of seal season, where you’ll find inquisitive young pups bobbing around their pupping beaches, getting used to their human neighbours.  And Easter is when Pembrokeshire emerges from winter with gorse and heather springing from every hedgerow and the red kites put on displays over rolling fields.

Don’t just take our word for it, though.  From Atlantic View, there are plenty of fun things for all the family to do during your holidays in Pembrokeshire.  From little ones to not-so-little ones, this picture-perfect area of the UK is packed with activities and adventures.  Here are some for you to try out during your stay with us.

Splash out!

Think the sea might be too cold in October?  Think again!  It’s had all summer to roll in and out over hot sand, making October the perfect month to have a swim.  On average, the sea temperature in October is 15 Celcius, which is the same as it would be in June and July.  So, there are no excuses!

Why not try these water activities?

holidays in pembrokeshire


The wild coastline of St Bride’s Bay offers fantastic waves and draws surfers from all over the world to its tumultuous shores.  Why not pop into Haven Sports in Broad Haven to hire or buy your family some surfboards and wet suits?  They’ll make sure you’re well prepared for a splashing time!

If you’d rather have instructors for your wet adventures, then give Dragon Activity Guides a call.  They do everything from surfing lessons on Broad Haven beach to Pembrokeshire’s original watersport, coasteering along the cliffs of this stunning coastline.  Suitable for most age groups (coasteering is not for toddlers), these guys also offer a BBQ package so that you can enjoy fresh seafood pulled from the very waters you spent your day in!

holidays in pembrokeshire

If you’d rather be on the sea than in it, then why not book one of the popular boat trips?  Suitable for all the family, trips leave from St Justinians and St Martin’s Haven and traverse the beautiful coastline as well as its popular islands; Skomer, Skokholm and Ramsey, and even out to Grassholm and beyond!  Dale Sailing offer trips from St Martins Haven, south of Atlantic View, whereas if you head north to St Justinians, you’ll find multiple operators including Falcon Boats who will take you to visit the seals, porpoise and thousands of sea birds who call these shores home.

One of the biggest advantages of staying at Atlantic View is your proximity to the sea!  You’re a mere 300 metres’ walk away, giving you plenty of opportunities to dip your toes in the water whenever you like!

Go back in time

holidays in pembrokeshire carew

It’s not all about the coastline here, although it is dotted with many historical remnants of Pembrokeshire’s fascinating past.  You’ll notice the undulating ramparts of several iron age forts dotted along the coast path, but if your kids prefer their castles more intact, then there are several great examples to choose from during your holidays in Pembrokeshire!

Carew Castle is a half-hour drive from Atlantic View and is quite a sight to behold.  Sitting on a large tidal millpond, it’s open to the public to view its 2,000-year-old ramparts and learn its history hands-on with activities for children such as storytelling and being a knight for the day!

holidays in pembrokeshire pembroke

It would be a travesty to come to Pembrokeshire and not visit its most famous castle, the Tudor-dynasty’s home castle at Pembroke.  Pembroke castle was built in around 1093, chosen for its defensive position facing the bay at Milford Haven.  But it’s most well-known for being the birthplace of Henry Tudor who would later be known as Henry VII.  With guided tours, exhibits and events all year round, Pembroke castle and the surrounding town has plenty to keep the whole family occupied.

holidays in pembrokeshire henllys

For a more immersive day out, it’s worth the 40-minute drive north to the incredible Castell Henllys.  This reconstructed iron age fort sits on the site of an original settlement and is its only kind in Wales.  Travel back in time with interactive exhibitions and talk to Celtic inhabitants who will tell you the history of the roundhouses.  Train as a warrior (complete with warpaint), watch woodmen carve or try your hand at archery – there’s so much to do, and with a café on-site, it’s all set up for a really fascinating day out.

Get back to nature

holidays in pembrokeshire bosherston

The main reason that people flock to Pembrokeshire is that it’s completely unspoiled, leaving you to have wild adventures in one of the most beautiful national parks in the world.

A short drive away from your holiday accommodation you’ll find Bosherston Lily Ponds, which are located on the old Stackpole Court estate and are now managed by the National Trust.  The beautiful 2-mile round walk circumnavigates the lakes, taking you out to Broadhaven South beach and back along the nature reserve.  These lakes and walks were created by the Cawdor family in 1760 and are popular with locals and tourists to this day.

If your children are more into Harry Potter than toad on lily pads, then head over to Freshwater West.  You may recognise it as the resting place of Dobby the House Elf – the famous scenes of the sweeping beach and its shell house were filmed here.  This is a fantastic place for a windswept walk, and don’t forget to try the famous lobster roll from Café Mor, the most delicious beach food venue in Wales.  It’s a must!

And while Pembrokeshire is famous for its stunning coastline, let us now forget about its sturdy spine, the Preseli Hills.  Shrouded in mystery and immortalised in Welsh folklore, these hills are said to be the resting place of King Arthur and are the origin of the bluestone used to construct the outer circle of Stonehenge.  For the best views across Pembrokeshire, why not take a picnic and climb Foel Eryr, its tallest peak, or the fantastically named Angel Mountain, or Carn Ingli, high above the beautiful village of Newport?

holidays in pembrokeshire preselis

For information about family attractions such as visiting the only giraffes in Wales or one of the tallest wooden rollercoasters in Britain, please take a look at our blog “Five family attractions in Pembrokeshire”.  Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook too for updates and information to help make your holidays in Pembrokeshire as memorable as possible.

South Pembrokeshire

Atlantic View is perfectly placed in the centre of Pembrokeshire’s dramatic coastline. With beautiful Broad Haven beach 300 metres from your front door, the coast path leading to Newgale nearby, and historic St Davids only a 20-minute drive away, South Pembrokeshire can often be forgotten. If you’ve been to visit us before, and you’ve exhausted your immediate surroundings, then a day out ‘down South’ is a great change of scene.


Going to South Pembrokeshire really is a change from the Northern territory. It’s well-known that the dialect and topography of Pembrokeshire change when you cross the Landsker line, the invisible border between the Welsh-speaking North and the English-speaking South. The rocks become a darker, clay-like red, the cliffs more sudden and dramatic, and you’ll see remnants of Flemish chimneys on vernacular buildings where the Normans brought immigrants to fight the Welsh princes. 


There are some fantastic things to see if you head south from your award-winning accommodation – here are six places to explore in South Pembrokeshire.


  1. Marloes Sands


A 22-minute drive south from Atlantic View brings you to Marloes Sands, a hidden gem protected by the National Trust. With undisturbed cliffs and surrounding wetlands, this area is a haven for wildlife, including stonechat, snipe, and peregrines. It’s also a designated marine conservation zone, and from the seal pups that thrive in the coves along this rocky red coastline, you can see why! The National Park car park is a short walk away from the sands itself – enjoy the heather-lined path to the beach.

After a walk and lungs full of sea air, why not pop to nearby Runwayskiln, an award-winning eatery by the sea, for more stunning views and even better lunches?


2. Martin’s Haven


A few minutes drive further south than Marloes and you’re in Martin’s Haven, the launchpad for exploring Pembrokeshire’s spectacular islands. From here, take Dale Sea Safaris to the Skomer where you can land and go to visit the puffins during the summer months, or out to Grassholm, the island 8 miles out to sea that is steeped in Celtic Mythology. Take in gorse-laden clifftops, caves, grey seals, porpoise, and perhaps even a minke whale on your epic sea voyage. 


3. Dale


Surrounded by bucolic countryside farmed by established families on one side, and the large estuary filled with bobbing boats on the other, Dale is an unspoiled village right in the heart of South Pembrokeshire. It’s also a popular spot for sea angling, sailing, and kayaking. The safe, red pebble beach is great for little ones, and the bay is shallow, so perfect for a quick dip. Peek at Dale Castle, a private establishment since 1910, in the distance. The Griffin Inn is more than just a local pub where you can get a good selection of locally brewed ale, it’s one of the best spots for fresh fish in West Wales, and a great stop for a hearty dinner.


4. The Green Bridge of Wales


What do tanks and chapels have in common? Well, in South Pembrokeshire, you can find both on the coastline at Stack Rocks. The military base allows access to the coast when they’re not firing at the range, and you can safely go to visit the dramatic natural rock arch and surrounding stacks known as the Green Bridge of Wales. A mile or so walk away, you’ll also find St Govan’s chapel, dedicated to Govan who lived in his hermitage in this tiny sixth-century place of solitude that clings to the rock face. Count the steps down and then back up again – it’s said you’ll get a different number! This wondrous area is only a 30-minute car drive from Atlantic View.


5. Pembroke


A little closer to your home from home is the colourful town of Pembroke. This fantastic market town is steeped in history. It’s the birthplace of Henry VII and its Norman castle, perched atop a rock overlooking a lake, is a fantastic place to take the children to see what being a knight was all about. The castle is very large and hosts gigs and festivals in the summer, as well as talks and falconry displays year-round. The town itself is full of artisan cafes, traditional grocery shops and butchers, quaint inns, and boutique art galleries. You have the choice of three excellent antique shops to browse or hire paddleboats to take in the imposing view of the castle from the millpond itself.


6. Tenby


A tour of South Pembrokeshire wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Tenby. It’s the jewel in the south’s crown, with colourful houses, fantastic restaurants, a harbour full of bobbing boats, and two beaches set within the fantastic walled town. It was a popular Victorian seaside escape, and the promenade is full of grand hotels and views across to Caldey Island, home of the Cisterian monks. Take freshly cooked fish and chips along with your bucket and spade down to the seaside for a quintessentially British day on the coast.


Autumn Wildlife Watch

Pembrokeshire is home to some incredible wildlife that you have to see, and in Autumn, everything becomes just a little bit more magical. Autumn makes all of the leaves on the trees change from bright greens to warm browns, reds and oranges. This change in colour makes all the views seem completely different. There are so many things for you to spot on your Autumn wildlife watch from Atlantic View. 

What Wildlife Can Be Spotted in Autumn?

Your Autumn holiday at Atlantic View is the perfect time to go on an autumn wildlife watch adventure. There are so many incredible animals and flora and fauna to be found. Try your luck in spotting travelling sea birds, Atlantic Grey seals, dolphins, porpoise and so much more. 

Where Can You Spot Seals? 

During the autumn Atlantic Grey seals will come ashore to give birth to their brilliant white pups. They can be spotted in many different secluded coves and beaches across the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. Take a walk along the coast path and keep your eyes peeled, you never know what you might find. 

Take your binoculars and cameras with you to help you get a good look and capture the moment on your autumn wildlife watch. When watching the seals make sure you don’t get too close. If a mother seal sees you getting close to her pup she will abandon it. 

Where Can You Spot Porpoise? 

Porpoises can be spotted just off the coast of Pembrokeshire all year round. One of the best ways to spot porpoises is from the sea. So why not book a boat trip with Falcon Boats to kick off your autumn wildlife watch, it is just a thirty-minute drive from Atlantic View. The boat trip will also help you spot puffins, shearwaters, dolphins, whales, seals, jellyfish, and much more!

Where Can You Spot Dolphins?

Just like porpoises, dolphins can be spotted all year round but are easiest to spot during the months of June to October. They can be spotted when walking around the Pembrokeshire Coast Path but again are easier to spot out at sea. Take a Dolphin and Whale Voyage with Voyages Of Discovery for your best chance to spot any dolphins. Dolphins are something you just have to see on your autumn wildlife watch. 

Can You Spot sea birds?

Another fun thing to look out for on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path is sea birds. When you go out onto the Pembrokeshire Coast Path make sure you take your binoculars with you to help you get a closer look at the seabirds. There are many seabirds you can spot on the coast such as gannets, peregrine falcons, choughs, shearwaters, ravens, guillemots, razorbills and much more. 

What else can you spot? 

Still looking to see more incredible animals? You’re in the right place! Every year Pembrokeshire is lucky enough to attract incredible creatures. This includes orcas, blue whales, blue sharks, basking sharks, turtles, various colourful jellyfish and Risso’s dolphins. 


With all of this incredible wildlife to spot this autumn, it would be a shame to miss out. Make sure you book your Autumn stay with us to go on an autumn wildlife watch of your own. Take a look at our News page on our website and Facebook page for more ideas on what to do for your autumn holiday at Atlantic View. 

Pembrokeshire in September

Everyone knows that Pembrokeshire in the summer is absolutely glorious but this does mean that it becomes incredibly overcrowded with tourists. If you want to avoid the crowds and make the most of your stay we recommend coming to Pembrokeshire in September.

  1. The September weather

One of our favourite things about Pembrokeshire in September is the weather. There are still a lot of gloriously sunny days – and some rainy ones too, just the same as the summer. However, the sunny days aren’t quite as hot. This is wonderful because it means you can go out for the day and not have to hunt for shade or a cool place to relax. 

  1. Fewer tourists

With the summer holidays over, families start to pack up and travel home. Leaving Pembrokeshire feeling somewhat deserted. No more crowded beaches, insanely busy restaurants or long traffic queues. 

  1. The best time to see seals

Pembrokeshire in September is full of seals and their pups. More than 1000 Atlantic Grey seals are born in secluded coves and beaches off the coast path. Take a walk along the Pembrokeshire coast path and make sure to look down at the coves below to spot Atlantic Grey Seals and their brilliant white pups. 


  1. Astounding time on the coast path

Atlantic Grey Seals aren’t the only wildlife you can spot in Pembrokeshire in September. You can also see rare birds such as choughs, skylarks and the stonechat. These birds carefully select stretches of the coastal heathland to make their home. Many other species, such as bats may also choose to hunt and forage along the coastline. 

The coastline in September is truly magical, there is an abundance of wildlife to spot. There are wildflowers that adorn the coast path in many different vivid and rich colour palates. If you are lucky enough you may even be able to spot a dolphin or porpoise pod. 


  1. Explore the small villages 

Pembrokeshire in September means fewer crowds, so you’ll have plenty of space to explore small towns and villages. We love to explore and we think you will too! There are so many different places that have so much to offer.

Explore Broad Haven and Little Haven. There is just a two-minute drive from Broad Haven to Atlantic View and a two-minute walk over to Little Haven. Broad Haven has been known as a seaside resort since 1800, but little is known about the origins of the village. Broad Haven has a wonderful sandy beach that is perfect for a day out in September. Head over to Dale for a day out, it’s just a 16-minute drive from Atlantic View.  It is the perfect place to explore, with a few local shops and a cafe or two and a pub as well, what more do you need? 


  1. Sea Temperature is at its peak

The temperature of the sea in Pembrokeshire in September is perfect for some wild swimming. Before the sea temperature plummets for the winter give wild swimming a go. There are many health benefits of wild swimming too! Wild swimming can help to boost your immune system and brain power, improve circulation, reduce body pain and inflammation and much more. The rush of adrenaline and the euphoria you feel after a cold water swim is incredible and will keep you coming back for more. 


  1. Perfect time for water sport activities

Pembrokeshire in September is one of the best months of the year to take part in watersports. Whether you want to try coasteering, surfing or kayaking, it is a perfect time. This is a combination of a few different things, the weather is still lovely and warm, the sea temperature is perfect and, the crowds have all gone home.

Want to explore the coastline up close? Coasteering is an amazing activity that will allow you to take a look at the Pembrokeshire coastline. Celtic Quest Coasteering, are a coasteering company that operates from Abereiddy which is a 35-minute drive from Atlantic View. The views around Abereiddy and the Blue Lagoon are spectacular and Celtic Quest Coasteering will help you explore them. Celtic Quest will ensure that each coasteering adventure is tailored to the groups abilities. The activities on the coasteering adventure are cliff jumping, rock hopping, scramble climbing and much more!


For more activities for your stay in Pembrokeshire in September follow our Facebook page, where we post regular updates, ideas and activities. You can also find some new ideas by taking a look at our blog page.  

No matter what people tell you, running a business is difficult. It is even scarier when it is a new business venture that you’ve never tried your hand at before. There are so many things that you have to learn and practice doing. And that is just what Dilwyn and Vel Williams have done – working incredibly hard since they purchased the old bed and breakfast that was Atlantic View to create their award-winning, must-stay cottages.

They found the property when taking aerial pictures on a helicopter ride and immediately fell in love with the plot and its surrounding area. In 2014, work started on the dilapidated buildings to turn them into the high-quality, award-winning holiday cottages that they are today. 

How did Atlantic View become award-winning holiday cottages?

Transforming the run-down building overlooking the magnificent Broad Haven beach was hard work, a challenge that the Williams family saw as a fantastic opportunity. The building had to be knocked down as it was in a state of disrepair, which allowed Dilwyn and Vel to design the award-winning holiday cottages to be exactly how they wanted them. Choosing the layout of each property was crucial to making sure that they made sense and that there was plenty of space for everything that they wanted in the award-winning holiday cottages. 

The Sandpiper, The PenthouseKittiwake and Oystercatcher cottages have all been designed, built, and decorated to an incredibly high standard. The owners have paid attention to every little detail, allowing them to create popular luxurious cottages. All cottages have Melin Tregwynt blankets, extra beach towels, wonderful Myddfai toiletries, and locally sourced breakfast items. These small details make all the difference when staying in award-winning holiday cottages. 

All of the award-winning holiday cottages are always immaculate too, and our guests often say they are amazed at how clean and well kept the properties are. With a great deal of time and effort going into the upkeep of the properties, the most important thing is ensuring that the cleanliness of the properties is always kept at an incredibly high standard. 

What you can do on your luxury holiday at Atlantic View?

The properties overlook the undeniably beautiful Broad Haven Beach, which is only a hop, skip, and a jump away. It only takes five minutes to walk down to the beach, so you don’t have to worry about finding a parking space or getting a drink – you’re 300 metres from your accommodation!

Atlantic View also has the Pembrokeshire Coast Path right on its doorstep. Exploring the rugged Welsh coastline couldn’t be easier with this fabulous, famous footpath right outside. Want to find a different beach? Little Haven beach is just an eight-minute walk on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. There is a ramp at Little Haven Beach so it is both wheelchair and pushchair accessible. 

Are these luxury cottages family-friendly?

The cottages are perfect for families; Kittiwake and Oystercatcher can even be booked together to create Puffin for larger groups. No matter how big or small your family is, you can all come and stay at Atlantic View’s award-winning holiday cottages. With so many beautiful beaches just minutes’ walk away from the cottages, there’s plenty for the kids to do – crabbing, paddling, watching the wildlife and enjoying being free in the fresh air. The Pembrokeshire Coast Path is just outside the cottages and offers many new and exciting adventures for the whole family. 

Winning another award

Atlantic View has now won another award for Best Luxury Holiday Cottages in Pembrokeshire and LUXlife Hospitality Excellence Award 2021. But that’s enough of us telling you that you’ll have a fantastic time here…come and see for yourselves! 

summer staycation

This past year has been difficult for everyone; going in and out of lockdown has left many people in a state of stress. We know everyone deserves a break this year to relax and unwind and Pembrokeshire is the perfect place for your summer staycation. There are so many amazing things to see and explore and plenty of places to rest, too! Whether you are an adrenaline junkie, a foodie, or nature lover, we can guarantee there is something for everyone!

Get back into nature.

Atlantic View holiday cottages are in Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, which is the only Coastal National Park in the UK. There is an abundance of stunning scenery and plenty of magical places to visit. Getting back into nature on your summer staycation has never been so beautiful or so easy. Head to one of Pembrokeshire’s 39 award-winning beaches for a day in the sun, but don’t forget the sunscreen or the picnic! Not your kind of thing? Take a walk on any of the 186-mile long Pembrokeshire Coast Path to explore the rugged coastline and view the deep turquoise oceans like never before. It doesn’t matter whether the sky is blue and the sun is out or whether the sky is grey and gloomy, it’s always picturesque. 

Taste all of the wonderful food.

Pembrokeshire offers an abundance of freshly made, delicious food, so you better bring some big appetites with you on your summer staycation. Whether you are a fish lover or prefer something sweeter there’s plenty to choose from. Take a trip over to Pointz Castle for some mouth-watering ice cream made on the farm with views over St Bride’s Bay. Visit Café Môr for a delightfully delicious lobster roll and explore the popular beach at Freshwater West with full bellies!

There are also plenty of amazing restaurants with delightful menus dotted around the county offering something everyone will fancy. The Haven Brasserie has a selection of small bites and snacks and big meals to fill you up after a long day of exploring. It’s only ten minutes from Atlantic View holiday cottages too!

Take to the sea.

With so many things to see and do on your summer staycation, you have to make sure you take to the sea. Why not go on a relaxing boat ride to Ramsey Island to take a better look at this fascinating isle just off the coast of St Davids Head? You can even spot a seal or a puffin, too! Not quite your speed? If you are more interested in thrill-seeking, you can have a go at the current hype in watersports, coasteering. What better way to explore the Pembrokeshire coastline? 

There are also plenty of fabulous sandy beaches right on your doorstep (literally – Broad Haven beach is 300 metres away!) at Atlantic View cottages that you can visit for a day out. You can even hire a surfboard or bodyboard from our friends at Haven Sports so you can enjoy the ocean without going too far out! 

Watch the Wildlife.

Our holiday cottages are surrounded by wildlife. There are so many different animals you can see in so many different places. Take to the coast path to watch the seabirds in their natural habitat. Maybe you’ll even spot a seal or two. 

Want to spot a dolphin? Head over to Mwnt, just north of Pembrokeshire in Cardigan Bay for a day full of adventure, as it’s one of the best places to spot dolphins in Pembrokeshire. The best time to spot dolphins is between May and September. For another wildlife-packed day out, visit the Welsh Wildlife Centre. The centre is home to a wide range of wildlife, including their famous water buffalo, and is all ready to explore on your summer staycation. 

Want more information? Read through the rest of our blogs and keep your eyes peeled for new ones, so that you can find more things to do on your Pembrokeshire summer staycation! 

free days out

We’re delighted to be able to welcome guests from all over the UK back to Atlantic View at long last, and while our stunning coastline, beaches, fresh sea air and the beautiful, bucolic countryside is exactly the same as you last saw it, there are other aspects to your holiday that will be a little different in 2021.  Wales, unlike England, is ruled by a devolved government, and, as such, the rules regarding the lifting of lockdown restrictions are a little different.  This means that some things that you’re getting used to doing again in your home country might not be the same here, and, as a result, not all your favourite attractions will be open.

But fear not!  The joy of coming to the wilds of West Wales on your holidays isn’t all about being entertained…here, Mother Nature does that for you in many different ways!  So we’ve put together some free days out ideas that mean that lockdown or no, you and your family can still have an amazing time with us at Broad Haven without spending a fortune on entry fees, relying on odd opening times or doing much, if any, social distancing.

Here are three free days out that we think you’ll love – let us know on social media what you tried and what you thought!

Go North for free days out steeped in history

Many of the things that draw people to Pembrokeshire are free – the sea, the mountains, the sense of peace.  A short drive north from your luxury accommodation at Atlantic View takes you to one of the most famous landmarks on its namesake peninsula – the city of St Davids.  This beautiful, tiny city with its cobbled streets and historic architecture, has been officially dubbed Britain’s smallest city due to its incredible cathedral, built on the spot of a monastic community founded by St David, patron saint of Wales.  Spend the morning walking around its ancient, twelfth-century walls of local red-grey stone before walking the mile or so towards the coast and the tiny chapel of St Non, erected in memory of the cliffside spot where it is said that, during a terrible storm, Non gave birth to David.

free days out

Making your way back down the coast towards Broad Haven, you reach the picture postcard perfect village of Solva.  Known for its colourful harbour full of bobbing boats, mariners cottages and whispers of sailors and great adventures, this is the perfect spot for a takeaway crab sandwich – try to catch your own along the quayside, too!

If you’re looking for a sweet treat, then Pointz Castle Ice Cream is a short drive over the hill towards Newgale beach and serves their very own delicious array of ice creams and sorbets made right on site – you can even see the cows who produce the milk while you’re there!

Spend the afternoon swimming, sunbathing or take the boogie boards for a surf on the popular pebbly expanse at Newgale, known for being the perfect wave-catching beach in Pembrokeshire, with beautiful views back North along the cragged coast towards St Davids or south, around Lion’s Rock back to your home from home at Atlantic View.

Free days out with spectacular views south of Atlantic View

While the northern peninsula visible from your cottage is compact, the coastline running south is a lot more exposed and dramatic, with cliffs falling away to the sea.  A fantastic, safe spot to take the family to appreciate the dramatic beauty of St Bride’s Bay is Marloes.  Park in the National Trust car park and take a short walk down the sandy track towards the rocky beach below – a fantastic place to take a net and explore the rock pools, although the tides here can turn quickly so swimming with little ones might not be advisable here.  Nothing to stop you from making a sandcastle or two, though!  Then visit a deer park without deer…yes, that’s right.  Along the cliff tops above Marloes are the ramparts of an iron age fort, a spot that, despite the earlier successful and dominant settlement, failed as an established deer park in the early 19th century.  The undisturbed bay below has become a sanctuary for seals, and so the Deer Park at Marloes is now the best grey Atlantic seal-spotting spot in the south of the county.  


free days out

All that sea air is bound to make you hungry, and you’re mere minutes away from one of the best lunch spots in West Wales, Runwayskiln.  This delectable coastal cafe is set in a cluster of National Trust farmhouse buildings overlooking the very bay where you’ve had your morning adventure.  You might want to check whether they’re open for takeaways or seated service due to the differing times of lockdown restrictions easing, but whichever way you’re able to taste their fantastic lunches, you’re in for a treat.  Whether it’s cured seatrout, pork and fennel sausages or homemade falafel and hummus, everything here is freshly cooked and locally sourced and makes it one of the most desirable lunch destinations along this coastline.

Make your way southward towards rocky Lindsway bay to walk off your delicious lunch, or take the narrow road to the beautiful seaside hamlet of Dale.  Known for its red stone 13th-century castle, now renovated into a private dwelling, Dale is a beautiful sailing harbour that forms the northern part of the Milford Haven Waterway.  Sitting on the old harbour wall outside the beautiful pub “The Griffin”, you can almost imagine Henry Tudor and his men arriving in their ships prior to the Battle of Bosworth as they did in 1485.

Take the Haverfordwest route home, stopping at the popular St Ishmaels garden centre for a stroll among the beautiful flowers and a cup of tea and a slab of cake to tide you over until you circle back to your cottage at Atlantic View.

Free days out right on your cottage doorstep!

Well, you’ve not booked a gorgeous, award-winning holiday cottage overlooking an award-winning beach on the edge of one of Britain’s most famous coastlines for nothing, have you?  The beach is a mere 300 yards from your front door – the perfect excuse for an early morning dip followed by a few hours of drying off, getting your vitamin D fix or finishing that book you’ve been meaning to read.  The blue-flag beach is the perfect contained space to let the kids run around with a football and build sandcastles, and it’s a quick dash up the hill if you’ve forgotten the suntan lotion!

Your cottage comes with its own BBQ area and pizza oven, so why not whip up a delicious lunch in your private garden area while the kids run the sand off outside?  Take advantage of every amenity provided, including the kitchen area for preparation and the garden furniture for al fresco meals.  Why not visit Lobster and Mor in Little Haven and pick up some fresh fish for lunch?

free days out

Less than a mile in the other direction from Broad Haven (and visible beyond the old fort behind your cottage) is the delightful small fishing village of Little Haven.  As the name suggests, it’s a smaller cove than the sandy stretch outside Atlantic View but has a wonderful walk past the historic Swan Inn that leads to a beautiful vantage point across the whole north of St Brides Bay.  If you’re looking for a circular route to help stretch those beach bronzed legs, then follow the coast path signs from this spot until you reach the top of a wooded hill – from here you can walk back down the road at Strawberry Hill and right back into the village, stopping at the St Brides Inn for a refreshing beverage on your way back to your accommodation.

And if all that local beauty has left you pleasantly exhausted, then why not skip the cooking and order a takeaway from one of our fantastic local eateries?  Sunshine Italian is right on the waterfront at Broad Haven and offers delicious, home-cooked Italian dishes, or give Haven Brasserie a call in nearby  Nolton Haven to order one of their fantastic high-quality dishes?


You see, you don’t need to spend all your money on activities when you have Mother Nature’s playground right on your doorstep, and in this stunning part of Pembrokeshire, there’s plenty to see or do without spending a penny!

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